Description of the program

- DBS -
Version 3.0 Build 300807

Store the information in the ciphered look!

To download the dbs.exe program (1172 Kb)
To download the program (1150 Kb)

The program is intended for work with DBS, DBF, DB, XML, CSV databases. The DBS database is author's development.

Functions of the program:

  • creation of a database;
  • addition of new lines and columns in a database;
  • removal of lines and columns from a database;
  • modification of fields of a database;
  • information exchange between databases;
  • information search in a database;
  • sorting of a database on all current column and in the range of the marked lines;
  • data exchange with Excel and text files;
  • storages of big binary data in Blob fields;
  • encryption of the database DBF, Blob of fields in the DBS database and text files;
  • database press.

    Study the user's guide and it will become clear to you how to work with the program.
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