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If you like the program, sign up. The more registered users, the more likely there will be new versions, the greater will be my incentive to create them, as done in this program can be very, very much!

Before deciding to purchase Cipher, please read the license agreement. In case of violation, the user may lose the registration, without refund.

If you decide to register, transfer the desired amount of one of the following methods. After the transfer money, send me an email at (marked in the subject line "Cipher"). Specify when, how and how much you transferred, your country, city and name, is also desirable to specify the number of transfer. After receiving the translation, I'll send to your E-Mail password registration program.

Program Price: 9.99 USD or 6.99 EUR

To buy the program:

Payment through service of registration of programs Avangate

Start bank transfers, credit maps , payments through the systems "PayPal" and of others.
There are languages of the interface English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French.
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Payment through service of registration of programs Share-It


Start bank transfers, credit maps and of others.
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Payment through PayPal

Payment through MoneyBookers


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