References about code numbers and enciphering

Russian-speaking resources on cryptography and safety on the Internet

References to various English-speaking sources on cryptography

  • PGP company Pretty Good Privacy Knot.

  • Archive on computer safety of project COAST

  • The list of references of Spafforda


  • Web site on safety of group CIAC

  • Information pages AUSCERT

  • 8lgm: messages about weak spots

  • Corporation Telstra: an index of references on computer and network safety


  • Resources NIST on computer safety

  • Laboratory of researches on computer safety at the Californian university in Devise

  • СПЕЦЛАБОРАТОРИЯ = "GOAL" the PURPOSE "Murena" Full safety!

  • Security policy Institute for Computer and Telecommunications Systems

  • Safety issues in WWW

  • - =WebhackeR = -

  • Accord

  • Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.

  • IT'S - The Server of an information technology

  • InfoCity-electronic library of computer subjects.

  • VirDet Labs – Antivirus Center.

  • Вирусня! The first Russian free online реалтайм an antivirus.

  • Conference on problems of safety of the information

  • Internet Security: What it is necessary for you to know?

  •     Pavel Semjanova's cryptographic educational program    where you will find not only a statement of bases криптостойкости, but also is a lot of useful references.

  • Andrey Vinokurova's page Is devoted "classical" code numbers with confidential keys.

  • Crypto the Collection of software of proof cryptography: PGP, ScramDisc-free disk encryption software, wipe, descriptions, explanatories, all is free of charge loaded.

  • Russian album PGP the Information on cryptographic package PGP. Transfer of the documentation of version 5.0 for Windows is included.

  • FAQ About Today's Cryptography regularly updated and detailed enough FAQ companies RSA.

  • All about cryptography (a site of the Scientific network) a Site devoted to open scientific researches and open educational process in the field of cryptography and adjacent areas. The editor of a site - Jashchenko Valery Vladimirovich, the adviser of administration of the Moscow State University, the deputy director of institute of problems of information safety of the Moscow State University.

  • Википедия Articles on cryptography from Russian Wikipedia. Cryptography. HTTPS. MD4. MD5. PGP. RSA. SHA. SSH. References on a theme.

  • Cryptographic Educational program Only Russian-speaking materials. The preference to articles, clear not only to the kriptografu-mathematician is given, i.e. Connected with practical aspects of application of cryptography.

  • Portal of Safety the Information on information protection, privacy protection, safe network interactions, cryptography. Vulnerability, network safety, cryptology, the anti-virus centre, protection from НСД, systems of physical protection (СФЗ).

  • Site WinCrypt of Kriptoanaliz, financial cryptography, algorithms, applied cryptography, programs.

  • Articles on cryptography on Wikipedia.

  • Official site RSA Security Inc.

  • References to various sources on cryptography

  • Computer and network safety (references)

  • FAQ - WindowsNT safety

  • Informal JAVA safety

  • JAVA safety (safety of applets)

  • Quadralay ` s Cryptography Arhive - archive of references on cryptography

  • Cyberpunks Arhive (

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