Program installation on the computer

For work with system it is necessary for the user:

Minimal requirements

It is recommended

The processor

Processor Intel Pentium of 166 MHz

Intel Celeron 300

Operative memory

32 Mb

64 Mb

Operating system

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003a

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003a

Place on a hard disk

100 Mb

1 Gbyte

For program installation on the computer start an installation file iFamilyTree.exe and follow setup instructions.

Language choice

Choose installation language (after installation of the program it can be changed).

Installation FamilyTree

Welcome in FamilyTree setup.

This program will establish FamilyTree Version on your computer.

Insistently it is recommended to close all open programs before continuing. It will help to avoid some errors in an installation time.

Press "Further" for continuation, or "Cancellation" for an exit from installation.

The licence agreement

Please, read the License agreement. The licence agreement is made in Russian and English languages. Further after the English text, the text of the License agreement in Russian follows.

Use a strip of scrolling and key PageDown to see all agreement.

If you accept conditions of the given agreement, choose "I accept agreement conditions" and press "Further".

The information

Please, read it before continuing Installation.

When you will be ready to continue Installation, press "Further".

Choice of a folder for installation

Where it will be established FamilyTree?

Choose a folder in which you wish to establish FamilyTree and press "Further".

If the program is already established on the computer and you wish to update only the program version, the setup will ask the permission on to instal the program in the same folder. Choose "Yes".

The setup only will establish the new version and will not change your data.

Choose program group

Where we will write down a label?

Choose program group in which labels to the program and components will take places.

Or put a tick "Don't create a Start Menu folder" not to create program group.

Specify additional options?

With what options we will establish?

Specify additional options of installation FamilyTree.

To add icons:

- To create an icon on a desktop

- To create an icon of fast start.

All is ready to installation

All is ready to installation FamilyTree on your computer.

Press "Further" for the installation beginning, or "Back" to check up or anew to enter the information for installation.

Folder for installation:

C:\Program Files\FamilyTree

Program group:

The Family Tree

Additional options:

Create a desktop icon


Please, wait, while the setup establishes FamilyTree on your computer.

The additional information

Please, read it before continuing.

When you will be ready to continue installation, press "Further".

Installation end

Installation FamilyTree on your computer is finished. You can start FamilyTree, having chosen an icon in the menu "Start-up".

Press "is ready" to close the setup.

Leave a tick opposite "Launch FamilyTree" if wish to start at once after installation FamilyTree.

In program group "Family tree" of main menu Windows will lines are created:

- The program FamilyTree.exe

- The instruction on work with the program

- Help file

- The licence agreement

- The program деинсталляции

I congratulate, the program is established!


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