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I knee

1   Zhukov Peter Kirillovich. Was born in дер. Пронино Lezhesky area of the Vologda region In the end of a life has moved to Moscow to son Peter on Herzen's street (nowadays B.Nikitskaja). In eye hospital on street Bitter (nowadays Tver) to it have removed an eye cataract. Has died in Moscow on 92 year of a life. ~1860~1952
01   The wife: Zhukov Elena Matveevna. Has died in дер. Пронино. ~1858-?

II knee

2 1 Zhukov Varfolomey Petrovich. Has finished Akad. Zhukovsky, the general, was lost in 2nd world war.  
01-1   The wife: Zhukov Polina  
3 1 Zhukov Nadezhda Petrovna. There lived in the Vologda region, the worker. 17.04.1909-24.04.1986
02   The husband: Babayev Sergey.  
4 1 Zhukov Sergey Petrovich. Veins also has died in дер. Пронино.  
5 1 Zhukov Paraskovja Petrovna. Worked as the chief of mail.  
03   The husband: Ivan  
6 1 Zhukov Anna Petrovna. Worked on the governmental agricultural base.  
03-1   The husband: Shahs Michael  
7 1 Zhukov Peter Petrovich. The political leader, an old Bolshevik. 1895-autumn 1975
04   1st wife: Brusilovsky Maria Veniaminovna. The old Bolshevik. 1893-13.11.1961
05   Alexander's 2nd wife, (apprx. 1964-1973), from Kostroma  

III knee

8 7 Zhukov Boris Petrovich. A gene. дир. Associations "ПЕККОН". 20.07.1930-06.01.1995
06   1st wife: Zhukov (ур. Бабурова) Rozalija Ivanovna. The Engineer-designer. The river 22.05.1931
07   2nd wife: Zhukov (ур.?) Galina Nikolaevna  
9 3 Zhukov Vitaly Sergeevich. The builder. The river 30.08.1949
08   The 1-wife: Vasileva Vera Alekseevna, штукатур. The river 04.01.1953
08-0   The 2-wife: Kozlenko Galina Vladimirovna, the engineer-economist. The river 05.11.1947
10 4 Zhukov Konstantin Sergeevich. Veins in дер. Пронино, the farmer. ум.01.07.00
08-010   The wife: Zhukov Ljusja  
11 4 Zhukov Nikolay Sergeevich. Lived in Vorkuta  
12 4 Zhukov Zoe Sergeevna  
13 4 Zhukov Sofia Sergeevna  
14 4 Zhukov Anna Sergeevna  
08-01   The husband: Vladimir Ivanov  
15 5 Смирнова (ур. Zhukov) Tamara Ivanovna. Монтажница. The river 20.05.1936
16 7 Zhukov Julia Petrovna. 1936-03.10.2000
08-1   The husband: Titov Victor  
16-1 3 Babayev Vladimir Sergeevich. The 1-son, the engineer on ГОКе. 1939~1975
16-2 02 Babayev Anna Vladimirovna  

IV knee

17 8-06 Zhukov Leonid Borisovich. A member of the Union of the Russian writers. The river 16.06.1955
09   The wife: Zhukov (ур. Иванищева) Irina Valentinovna. The builder. The river 19.04.1955
18 8-06 Zhukov Ekaterina Borisovna. The artist, the icon painter. The river 16.04.1960
09-1   The 1-husband: Ejdinov Michael Izrailevich  
010   2nd husband: Ilinsky Igor Pavlovich.  
011   3rd husband: Wolves Vyacheslav Leonidovich (a deck, 1994).  
19 8-07 Zhukov Dmitry Borisovich. The river 25.05.1979
20 8-07 Zhukov Igor Borisovich. The river 1980
21 15 Smirnov Oleg Igorevich. The musician-guitarist, sings in ensemble. The river 1970
21-1 9-08 Zhukov Andrey Vitalevich The river 06.02.1974
21-2 9-08 Zhukov Vladimir Vitalevich The river 15.01.1979
21-3 9-08 Zhukov Natalia Vitalevna The river 15.07.1983
21-4 10 Zhukov Andrey Konstantinovich  
21-5 10 Zhukov Irina Konstantinovna  

V knee

22 17 Zhukov Andrey Leonidovich. Was born at 12.20 in the parental house on Hamovnichesky to a shaft, 38-124. The river 23.10.1979
23 17 Zhukov Maria Leonidovna. Was born in a sort. The house on Arbate (the Beginning of New Arbata). The river 23.08.1983

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