History of versions of the program

V1.0.0 version of 01.11.2012
The program underwent considerable modernization. The program interface is changed. Excess "frills" are cleaned. Communication with the program was simply. New fields of the description of the person are added. The new tree, personal ascending - showing the previous generations of the person is added. The list and the personal report is updated generations.
In the program new cloudy technologies are applied. To conduct the general base with all relatives being in any corners of the globe. It is enough to get a disk in a cloud, for example Yandex. Disk or any other. And in setting up the program to establish a way to it. Now all changes and additions entered by you will be automatically added at all your relatives at whom the Family Tree of a Family program is also installed. Information in the Cloud will always be with you - worldwide and on any device connected to the Internet. Will easily share information from your Cloud with friends and native - to whom they will be available, you define.

V10.0 version of 02.05.2012
  • catalog choice for storage of information
  • the descending HTML tree
  • the descending BMP tree
  • updating of import of GEDCOM
  • updating of export of GEDCOM
  • updating of control of a type of a tree
  • JPG instead of BMP of the main photo in FOTO
  • V9.9 version of 25.06.2011
  • ispravilena an error of creation of a tree the HUSBAND WIFE for General if it is chosen only man's or female lines
  • genealogichsky saw cut (tree cut)
  • choice of a font and its size
  • V9.8 version of 30.11.2010
  • creation of the circular genealogical table
  • Version 2.0 Unicode of 30.03.2010
  • service of saving of data in the ZIP file
  • cleaning of a code
  • http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvpt
    FamilyTree in WikiPedia
    FamilyTree in LiveJournal
    Version 1.0 Unicode of 05.05.2009
    Version 9.7 of 05.05.2009
  • new form of trees in HTML format
  • Version 1.0 Unicode of 23.04.2009
  • the version for the Linux operating system
  • Version 9.7 of 26.01.2009
  • the coding Unicode for multilanguage support is added
  • Version 9.6 of 05.11.2008
  • Verification of the list on existence of mistakes
  • Addition of a line after the current
  • Version 9.5 of 06.06.2008
  • Formation of an icon from an input form
  • Scrolling of a tree as in Adobe PDF
  • Transition from BMP tree on two cliques on a certain person
  • The help in BMP tree on one click on the oprelenny person
  • The 5th All-Russian genealogical exhibition in Yekaterinburg
    On November 15, 2007 in the Museum of history of Yekaterinburg the 5th All-Russian genealogical exhibition opened. Act as her organizers the Union of the Renaissance of Genealogical Traditions (Moscow) with assistance of the Ural historical and genealogical society
    Ways of processing and storage of information
    How the written-down disks can long be stored? This question at least was asked once to himself by almost each user of the computer.
    My boards of the announcement
    It is clear to all that in our century of the Internet, not to do without Internet advertizing. One of types of such advertizing is placement of the announcements on Internet bulletin boards.
    You decided to research stories of the family
    I will tell you as it is best of all to make it. What steps for this purpose to take? With what to begin?

    Version 9.4 of 09.09.2007
  • Optimization of a code of the program
  • Version 9.4 of 17.08.2007
  • The field - the Nationality is added
  • The Tree - the Nationality is added
  • Version 9.3 of 07.07.2007
  • Communication in the list and on a general tree between spouses even if they have no general children is added
  • The work interface with a photo and video an album is improved
  • The press of a tree and photos is improved
    Attention: At installation of version 9.3, the registered users of the program need to enter the login and the password anew!
  • Version 9.2 of 07.06.2007
  • Possibility of a choice of scale of a tree in the BMP format is added
  • Version 9.1 of 01.05.2007
  • When aiming a mouse at the ancestor's icon (when a tree in HTML format) its autobiography emerges in the form of the help
  • The error connected with setup of the sound card is corrected
  • Version 9.1 of 14.04.2007
  • Distribution of memory for creation of a tree in the graphic BMP format is improved
  • Cleaning and optimization of a code of the program
  • Version 9.0 of 21.01.2007
  • Drawing up a generation list
  • Changes and preservation of the size of columns
  • Version 8.01 of 04.12.2006
  • The defect of input of date is corrected, date was entered only till 1752 (a bug of system)
  • The bug in import of GEDCOM is corrected
  • Release of the program on a CD disk of 30.10.2006
  • The full copy of the site on a CD disk with all programs
  • Version 8.0 of 15.09.2006
  • Tree in HTML format
  • Version 7.9 of 18.08.2006
  • Import from GEDCOM
  • Choice of a national font for the program
  • Version 7.8 of 16.07.2006
  • The error recovery of data in the option "replace everything" is corrected.
  • Version 7.8 of 08.07.2006
  • Recovery of data from archive with a funtion of combination of bases that allows to exchange with relatives data.
  • Version 7.7 of 29.06.2006
  • It is added with a data input form in which it is possible to enter date: for example only year or interval year. year
  • Version 7.6 of 19.06.2006
  • Export of GEDCOM
  • Version 7.51 of 09.06.2006
  • Check on duplication of a full name is entered
  • The date ISO format is added
  • Version 7.5 of 02.05.2006
  • General family tree
  • Version 7.4 of 19.04.2006
  • The type of dialog boxes is changed
  • Version 7.3 of 16.04.2006
  • Function of archiving of data is added
  • Version 7.1
  • Function of the notification (reminder) on birthday when loading the computer is added
  • Version 7.0 of 31.03.2006
  • Dobalen general and personal video album
  • Dobalena new line of the menu
  • The menu is made under XP
  • Work on hotkeys
  • Version 6.0 of 16.03.2006
  • Dobalen file of the description of history of a family
  • Version 5.3 of 10.03.2006
  • The type of a family tree and branch is changed
  • Version 5.1
  • Errors of version 5.0 are corrected and the code is optimized
  • Version 5.0 of 13.06.2005
  • The general family tree is made (shows different families, sorts and communications between them)
  • Version 4.51
  • The type of a family tree (genealogical branch) is changed
  • Version 4.5 of 04.05.2005
  • The personal photo album and archive of copies of documents is added
  • At whom 4.0 version it was necessary the FamilyTree.fts file from the catalog of the program to transfer to the FOTOS catalog
  • The file of the biography is made in the RTF format that allows to make the text more evident and beautiful.
  • Version 4.0 of 21.04.2005
  • The general photo album is made
  • Version 3.1 of 30.03.2005
  • The error of editing of a full name of the family member is corrected
  • The family tree took more pleasant form
  • Version 3.0 of 13.03.2005
  • It is added with the English version
  • Version 2.5 of 14.02.2005
  • It is added with control of the amount of focus of creation of the Icon
  • Version 1.0 of 15.01.2005
  • First trial version of the program

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