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Meklenburg-Sverinskaja Anna Leopoldovna

Place of birth: Warsaw

Father: Meklenburg-Sverinskij Karl Leopold

Mother: Romanova Ekaterina Ioannovna

Child: Braunsvejg-Volfenbjuttelskij Ioann VI Antonovic

Note: Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna (at birth Elizabeth Katarina Kristina, princess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin German Elisabeth Katharina Christine, Prinzessin von Mecklenburg-Schwerin; December 7 [18], 1718, Rostock - March 8 [19], 1746, Kholmogory (regent) - is right Russian Empire from November 9, 1740 to November 25, 1741 (under the infant emperor Ivan VI) from the Mecklenburg House. Granddaughter of Ivan V.